Who knew that gas station bathrooms could be sexy?

crack whore analWho knew that gas station bathrooms could be sexy as fuck? Not me that’s for sure! Shit, all I wanted to do was get high, I had my last rock with me and I had to smoke it right then cus I felt like I was gonna die so I went into the crappy little bathroom behind the gas station. I was shaking so hard I could barely get it lit and as soon as I pulled that first hit deep into my lungs a few big thug looking men came busting in there. One of them knocked the pipe out of my hands and I just wanted to cry when I saw it shatter into a million pieces, I was screaming at them but they just laughed at me. The biggest one slapped me across the face and said that if I wanted to get high that I had to let them all fuck my ass… what was I gonna do? Say no? Fuck that shit! I just pulled down my pants and bent the fuck over! They fucked my poor ass so fucking hard that I could barely walk when they were done but you know what? It was all worth it cus they gave me a fucking 8ball to go home with!

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