Satisfied Customer As Usual!

Hookers for hire My first customer Jim was such a delight lastnight; he slammed my ass hole open all night and paid good money. I knew the little hooker add with all my other stripper bitches would get good traffic in this trashy town. I figured all the pervs would come out the wood work when they saw the town sluts offering up their holes for cash. No one will turn down the best little fuck sluts around; especially when the price is good. Jim had a whole evening planned when he reached out to me for some pay for play.

He invited me over and said he wanted the whole night and he wanted me to stay over. I gave him a set price and he agreed as long as I had no limits and could keep fucking all night. I obviously said yes as I love sex; plus I would never turn down good money. We made sure to get drunk and high all night to keep us horny and wanting more. His cock never got soft; so it was pretty much shoved in my shitter for most of the night. 

He had a big ass toy that he wanted me to use on my mouth or pussy while he rammed my ass hole open. So I fucked my throat as he pounded away at my ass hole. It felt so good to be stretched open like that and making him feel good. He blew the first few loads up my ass. We took a break and got high and drank some more and than dropped a few loads in my cunt. Toward the end of the night he made me swallow a few more loads while he sat back and relaxed. I sucked his cock and rode him like a jack rabbit. He said I was the best purchase he has ever had!



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