Cum Dumpster Beverly is a Sperm Bank in Need of Donations

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Beverly is my nickname. And I have had that nick name for a while too. Last night, I ran into this boy I used to fuck. He is a man now. He dated my daughter when they were in high school. Back then, I was not the typical soccer mom. I was never the PTA, minivan driving, cookie baking kind of stay-at-home mom. However, I was the suck your cock dry and let teen boys fuck my ass kind of mom. Which, if you ask me, is the best kind of mom, right?

When I ran into Sam, I sported my cut off shorts and tube top with no bra. My signature look. Just like Sam always pictured me too. I dress like trash, not class. The boys like a trashy momma. Especially a trashy momma who begs for a nut. I had to fuck Sam again. For old time sakes, right? And Sam was down for a reunion too. In fact, he told me he still fantasizes about me. No woman has ever drained him dry like I did.

Call Me a Sperm Bank Who is Looking for Donations.

And to be honest, no boy ever gave me such a sloppy wet pussy as Sam. His big cock and his cunt licking skills always appeared advanced for his age. Once back at my place his cock penetrated my holes again. And it felt like old times. His massive young dick still fills me up. I take a lot of big black cocks, so my pussy has not been tight since I was a virgin, LOL. You know you have a big cock if it fills my holes.

But Sam’s cock still feels amazing even though he is an adult now. His cum poured out my cunt and ass. So much jizz in my tummy that I think my new nickname should be sperm bank. And Sam had a few donations for me too. He could not believe his luck running into me again. I think it was fate. The universe wanted his sperm inside this trashy milf again. Cum dump, sperm bank, whatever you want to call me is fine by me if I get that cum.

sloppy wet pussy

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