Redneck Snow Day

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The south didn’t get any snow this week but you still wanted to make a fire like the redneck you are. It was really funny. You tried to start it but kept failing. Eventually you got it but by then you were already pissed off. And you love to take your anger out on me. Next thing I knew you grabbed my neck right in front of the fire place and slam my face on the ground. You take off our clothes and get on top of me. You put your foot on my face while it’s still on the ground. Then you start fingering my cunt. Once it’s wet I can feel you place your cock up against it. You don’t waste any time before you start pounding my pussy. Three thrusts into fucking me and I get a nice surprise. You shove your cock in my ass with only my pussy juice as lube. It hurts really bad so I tighten up. You knew I was in pain and that finally turned you on so much that you filled my asshole up with a load of your hot cum.

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