Toilet sex is nasty dirty fun!

toilet sexToilet sex…do you know what that can mean? It can mean so many different things, do you know what kind of things end up in a toilet? It’s always getting it all…the piss, the shit, the puke and the cum. It’s really a nasty thing but a girl like me loves that kind of stuff. The smells, the being so filthy and dirty in so many nasty fucking ways. I like to suck and choke on a cock until I am puking then eat that puke until he cums in my mouth and we do it all over again. Or until he pushes his cock into my tight ass that is pushing out a fat stinky load out. I love my ass being spread wide for a big dump to come out onto a huge dick. It isn’t long after that I am covering him in my piss and he is doing the same for me. A tasty treat to end our toilet sex.

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