Public Lot Lizard Sex

lot lizard sexLot lizard sex is where it is at. Truckers have the best dope and they know how to fuck. If I am feeling horny or in need of some blow, the truck stop is an easy fix for both. I caught the eye of a new trucker Jeremy. He drives for Hunt Trucks and this was his first route. Now, he wasn’t a young man, but he was younger than me. I had on my yellow bikini top and cut off jean shorts. It was the high heels that gave me away as a lot lizard. He asked me how much to party with him, but I told him I just wanted some blow. He pulled out a big bag and my pussy got wet. Jeremy was an exhibitionist. He wanted to fuck outside. I am down for anything. I did a line of blow then started playing with my sloppy wet pussy while he stroked his nice 7-inch hard cock. It was the middle of he day and cops come and go all day long. I could have been busted, but the risk of getting caught was hot to me. Jeremy bent me over a concrete low wall and fucked my ass. We were on the side of the Love’s gas station; the side where the trucks park. I was trying not to be too loud because I just wanted to fuck and get high. I had no desire to go to jail. Other truckers saw us, and they provided a protective wall around us. It was just a circle jerk, but no one else could see me through the shield of horny truckers jacking off watching me be an exhibitionist slut. I was covered head to toe in cum. Our audience clearly liked what they saw. I got some great blow and some great cum.

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