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creampie slutcreampie slutcreampie slutMy boss already knows about my extracurricular activities at work during my breaks. I couldn’t help it but get caught. I know very well how quickly it is to get caught doing something you aren’t supposed to do. I just became so addicted to having all types of cocks and being filled that I carelessly let my guard down and ended up being caught red-handed. I wasn’t sorry, and I had to do something to get out of the mess I created. I had to give my sweet young pussy as a peace offering to my boss. As he said It I was giving it away, he might as well have some. I thought I paid my debts and was going to be in the clear. Well, I was wrong. He wanted some of me, and he tried to make me a creampie slut. I wasn’t thrilled, but I knew I wasn’t in no position to argue. He ended up sweetening the deal with a full promotion, and I just had to let him make he cum whore. I was just thinking about all the extra money I’d get with this promotion while he was putting his small cock in me. For such a little dude he cums pretty hard, and I love cum, so it was a pretty snazzy deal.

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