Principal Makes A House Call

Cum Eating Phone Sex

My little ones have been acting up at school it seems, flashing their tits and little slits all over. The principal came last night to speak with me personally since I was always too busy sucking big trucker dick down at the lot to make it during his hours of operation. Well we all dressed up in our finest! We put on the torn up fishnets, the cakey slut makeup, and the whorish daisy dukes. He was shocked to see us like that, so shocked his mouth fell open. I gestured, and the girls unzipped his pants. It was time that this old, perverted man learned why my girls were the way they were. Mommy had been teaching them how to work a cock since they were, well, precious. Now Principal Peterson was going to shove his dick down their throats, and he was going to like it.

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