Big Dick Sucker Lends a Hand and a Mouth

big dick suckerWhen you are big dick sucker, the word gets around. Even women talk about you. I got a text from a random number last night that I did not recognize. The text asked if I help women too. I was high and not putting two and two together in regards to what she was asking. We went back and forth a few minutes and I got out of her that her son had a big dick and she wanted to learn how to handle it. Indeed she was in the right place. I was happy to help her. I mean I am a great cock sucker and a trashy milf. Of course, I could help. She texted me her address and showed up coked up and ready to  drain some young balls . Her son had a bad case of blue balls. I had never seen a cock that big on a boy that age. His father is black. That explained that. Apparently, the boy took some Viagra. It was hard not to laugh. A young teen boy does not need Viagra. He was going to have a 2 day erection. He was in pain. Mommy wanted to help her boy, but she was intimated by how big he was. If I was a not a big cock sucker, I might have balked too. I dove in to relive his swollen balls. I had to. I cannot see a boy suffer and he was clearly suffering. I went on his cock first, then showed mommy how to blow her boy. A guy has a big dick, you just have to tilt your head an coat it with like some olive oil. A big cock will slide right down a lubed up throat. I was happy to drain those balls. I made a new friend. I helped a young boy and I got to suck cock. Great night for a cum guzzling slut.

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