Pound My Park Manager

Trailer trash whore

I am definitely not the first trailer trash whore my trailer park has ever seen and I damn sure won’t be the last.  I’m willing to bet that every single trailer court across the country has at least one or two trashy hookers who would be more than willing to trade their cunts for some cash.  Mine just happens to be packed with prostitutes, there’s not an unpaid pussy in the lot, and I have the pleasure of overseeing all of their cum filled camper rocking fuck action.

The office manager is a nice lady.  She moved to the south from Chicago so everything she says sounds hard, even if it isn’t.  When I signed the lease she let me know that it was okay to turn a couple of tricks out of my trailer if I wanted to because that’s what she did when she needed some extra cash.  That was very good to know.  I mean, I was going to do it anyway, but it was good to know that I had management’s permission.

When she noticed the steady flow of tricks I had at my trailer, she approached me and asked what my secret was.  I told her that I’d train her in all of my long dick luring ways if she agreed to be on my payroll.  She was all about it and it wasn’t long before I had her pulling in more pay to play peen in one week than she was used to getting all month long.

When I slip the rent check into the office box, I can typically count on hearing the hard junk slap of a bitch taking a doggystyle pounding and my manager lady screaming out “Oh gahd!  Aw crap!” really loudly.  That’s a big hunk of my rent right back in my pocket!


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