Playing with Myself

Who knew letting men watch me play with myself would make enough money to get an eight ball. It was cold and wet outside, so standing on the corner to pay for my shit was not happening. I thought about doing a gangbang at the bar, but one I would have to walk there, and two I just drained their balls and wallets the night before. So, I started looking at ads on the internet. One of the ads stated that it paid $1,000 per video, and all I had to do in the videos was strip and play with myself. It was easiest money I have ever made, and I almost forgot how good my own soft fingers feel in my pussy. I even made enough to have my dealer deliver it, but I did get a discount for the quick blow job I gave him when he got here. I would have hated to go a day without taking at least one cum shot down my throat.

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