Pick ups


 Cum filled cunt

My girl friends and I go out every weekend, and we love to people watch. Sometimes we get caught starting like last week, a guy came up to me and asked why I was staring me being such a little whore I told him strait up that I just had to have his big meat rammed inside of me. He could tell what I wanted just by my sexy stare. Its not the first time I have been told I give off a look. He got my number and he came over that night. I just had write about it.

How easy it is to pick up any one I want. When he came over I had my sexy naughty skirt and my tight little shirt tied in the front so he could see my stomach. It did not take long before he ripped my skirt and shirt off completely, I was not complaining. After all he was a gym rat. He kissed all over my body and flipped me up side down and sucked my pussy juices right out. I got all my holes fucked just the way I like. People watching seems to turn out in my favor. My cunt was filled with all of his cum.

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