Let me be your cum dumpster!

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I love being a stupid little cum dumpster for your big fucking hot cum loads. I am just a piece of fucking garbage and I am only here to service those big fucking man balls between your legs. I wanna get on my hands and knees  and start stroking that cock right into my mouth and start cupping those balls in my hand. I will fucking spit on those big balls to make them nice and fucking sloppy wet. Mhm I want them to be dripping I want you tot take your big cock and slap it against my fucking stupid whore face, and make sure you slap my face with those fat balls. You would like that wouldn’t you? Feeling your big fat man cock throat fuck me until you shoot your cum load is what I am here for. Let me be your nasty little bitch, I will do anything you want me to baby. 

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