Pay To Fuck, Eat For Free!

Hookers for hire


There’s only one thing my hookers for hire will give you for free, but even then, you still gotta cough up some cash.  Don’t get it twisted, I’m not talking in riddles.  You pay to fuck one of my hot whores and you get to munch on whichever hole you’re renting, absolutley free!  That’s right, if you want to lick some pussy or eat a little ass, just fork over the funds to fuck it and you can have exactly what you want.

You gotta remember to ask them, they’re probably not going to tell you about it, but it is standard policy for my entire lineup of cum guzzling trailer trash whores to offer free oral use of your purchased fuck hole.  You can even suck the other one for a slight upcharge if you want to snack on both skanky holes, just don’t try to be a sneaky snake and protest paying for it when the time comes.  Once my whores feel that tongue of yours slather up their unbought borehole, they will tack on that fee and it is up to her discretion as to what qualifies.

That also goes for creampie cleanups, Champ.  If you want to suck your load out of any of my callgirls’ cum craters they will gladly let you.  You did already pay the upcharge for an internal finish so go for it.  In fact, I’m pretty sure my trailer trash teen sluts fucking appreciate any guy who helps them flush out all of those fuck fluids after he drains his nuts in their cream caverns, might even give you a discount.

There it is.  You want to munch on our money making muffs or tongue punch our well traveled turd cutters then all you gotta do is ask.  Well, that and pay for the fucking you’re after, that is.  Just don’t forget, we won’t remind you, I know I sure as hell won’t.  You better speak up if you want my cat to get your tongue.


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