Made To Be A Young Anal Cum Dumpster

I became a young Cum guzzling slut early on in life. My mother forced me to suck her dealer’s cock so she could get some drugs. I didn’t want to because it looked so big and black. When I opened my mouth, it didn’t fit so he forced it deeper making me choke and gag. I threw up all over his cock and he made me lick it clean.

Anal cum dumpster

Once his cock was clean, he pulled my pants and panties off and rubbed something on my little butthole. It started tingling and then I could not feel much. He bent me over, grabbed my hips and shoved his big black meat in my butthole. I could still feel how it was ripping my butthole open, but he didn’t care. My mother just watched as she did her blow not caring about my cries for help, she was just a druggy whore. He kept pounding me until my body gave up and I just laid there. His big black cock ramming in my asshole hard made him start pumping into my butt. When he pulled out, he shoved it in my mouth and made me drink the rest of his juices he was leaking. From my asshole I could feel some gooey thick cream coming out and dripping out of me. I now know he made me his anal cum dumpster. 

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