Party Train

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My pussy was dripping wet as I stumbled haphazardly around the house party. Every inch of the house was covered in alcohol and lines of coke stretched over the coffee table. Red cups were laying strewn across the floor while I desperately looked for a bed to lay my loopy head in. I took more swigs of my beer- the alcohol and X was kicking in and I felt fucking great. I tossed myself on a bed finally and felt myself slightly go to sleep. It was like a trippy ass dream state. I was still awake. Suddenly I felt a body lay on top of me, pulling off the small amount of clothes I had on and fingering my wet pussy. Then I felt more hands and more cocks. One by one, strange men came in to fuck my drowsy wet pussy. I had multiple cocks inside me while other hands helped prop up my ass. I felt orgasms on a next level swirl through my body as my rosebud asshole and stretched cunt were fucked wildly. I moaned drunkenly and could see a line out the door of horny men waiting to take a turn at a nasty little party whore bitch like me. My pussy pounded in fucking sheer anticipation.

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