Party Sexline

sexlineWhen you call my sexline, we can talk about anything. We can party too. Friday was a busy night on and off the phone. My daughters had a gang bang. I was trying to get them dressed like little Lolitas. I was trying to do some lines to fuel me for a Friday night marathon. The phones were ringing. My sons were horny, and my daughters were needy. They wanted my make-up and my lingerie. Eventually, daddy got them out of the house, and it was me, three horny boys, my callers and a big bowl of coke. It was only about 9 PM and the phones had slowed down a bit. I was coked up and my boys were horny. I was buzzed, so I thought why not blow my boys. Get the party started. Of course, I got a call mid blow. Teen boys do not understand that some random stranger on the phone gets to cum before they do. I paused them for my caller, but my sons did not want to be paused. They started pushing their cocks in my mouth while on a call. I was too fucked up to fight them. My caller was getting off thinking I was blowing my husband for him. My boys were cumming and I was trying to muffle their voices, so my caller did not realize there was more than one cock I was blowing. My caller was partying too. He did not seem to realize I was getting skull fucked by three horny boys. In fact, he did not believe I was even sucking on my husband’s cock. This caller does not even believe I am married because he thinks no husband would let his wife do live phone sex. I laughed so hard because my husband loves pimping me out on and off the phone. This is the modern world guys. Women are not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. We are talking dirty, doing lines and being whores.

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