Trailer trash stash

Trailer trash whore

Tonight I was a Trailer trash whore. Not that that is different from most night but someone requested this specifically. There was a big party going on in the park tonight as everyone had gotten their monthly benefit check and so there was beer, weed and meth to go around. I sent the brats to bed early and dressed in my best cheetah print hot dress and a pair of chunky heels and toddled off down the street where the fun was happening. As soon as I got in the door I got offered some Meth which I happily took a hit of, some beer was next. There on the table were a couple of pipes already packed and I took a couple hits of those as well. There were a couple of guys sitting on the couch eyeing me appreciatively and I did a little wiggle for them. They scooted apart a little and patted the seat for me to come join them. As soon as I did I have hands groping me, kissing me and getting to skin as fast as they could. I wasn’t one for denial and so I let them get me naked right there in the open to use. I hadn’t worn a bra or panties to make sure that I would be easy pickin anyways. My dress went flying and I had a cock in each hand. I sucked one as I was pulled into position by the other guy to be fucked from behind. After that I became the party favor and was passed around to everyone that night. I sucked at least a dozen cocks and a few pussies. I was in druggy/drunk heaven. I stumbled home in the morning covered in cum and vomit. I can’t wait until next month- someone is bringing coke!

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