Covered In Coke And Cum


Gangbang WhoreLast night was a goddamn gangbang grenade. Cocks exploding in every direction, their hot loads caressing my body and searing my skin. I downed my favorite vodka, and had some intense drunk girl fucking. I don’t get white girl wasted, because I’m a whore every damn day of the week. As I was staggering home from the bar, I noticed two big, beefy men standing on the corner eyeing me up like I was Thanksgiving supper.
They pounced on me, Tom cats on a lonely mouse. I wasn’t frightened, but soaking fucking wet! Somehow, without saying a word, I was coaxed into their vehicle. I had to sit on a lap because every seat was full just like how all my fuck holes would soon be not only full, but stretched, used, and dripping with more cum than I could have ever imagined.
The sexiest of them all was a big fucking boy, with a big fucking cock. Rock hard, and dripping, I knew he wanted me the second he pulled it out. We played a special game of Chinese fire drill; they changed seats, so I was constantly riding a cock, and sucking off the driver as they bolted down the highway doing a hundred miles per hours or more. Weaving in and out of traffic, they passed around a blunt and did some lines off my fat fucking titties. We were high as fuck, and by the time they pulled under the old train tress down by the river, two of my toys had already almost cum down my throat.
They ripped me from the car like animals. Give me a ring, and I’ll tell you the rest of my tantalizing tramp tale.

Cum Filled Cunt

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