P-mommy Fantasies

Trailer trash whoreI listen intently as you tell me your fantasy about the young one next door. We watch through the patio window as she prances about in her cute little bikini. You are right she is a hot little thing especially so scantily clad. This is going to be a long wet summer. As she soaks her body in the little pool, her swimsuit becomes nearly see through. You tell me how you fantasize about inviting her over for cookies and how you would make moves on her until you had her young body writhing on your cock. You describe how tight her little pussy must be.

blonde phone sexYour fantasy gets me really wet. I can imagine licking away at that sweet cunny getting it ready to take your cock. You begin to rub my pussy as we talk about all the nasty perverted things we could do to her young body. Soon, I cannot take it anymore. I must have your cock inside me. We position ourselves right in front of the windows, hoping she will see and get curious about what is going on. It would be wonderful if she wandered over.

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