She Joined Her Husband…and Me

dirty phone sex (18)

Oops. I’ve been caught! Some guys wife found out I was sucking him off and fucking him on the side and she was so pissed! But he convinced her to join in, can you believe that? I thought she was gonna kick my ass cus when she came in that room and saw her husband on top of me with his dick balls deep in my pussy she was pissed! But this smooth talker right here convinced her that she would have more fun fucking me instead and damn if she didn’t start stripping off her clothes right then! I’m not stupid so I just went along with it and started licking her pussy so her husband could see. She was totally loving it too, her pussy was dripping wet and I knew if I kept it up she would be cumming all over my face. Pretty sure she aint pissed no more now, in fact we may just do this again!

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