Kentucky Klondike Bar toilet sex

toilet sex

Just when I thought I was getting better at being a crazy, dumb, and disgusting bitch, I always shock myself. I was at a friend of a friends house in Kentucky for a get together that was fairly small. We started doing some blow and getting fucking waisted. We were all so high and horny that we started coming up with created ways to have some Kentucky fun. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Remember that commercial? Well we thought to ourselves “why not make our own deliciously good “ice cream bar”. Well, you can bet your “bottom” dollar we didn’t use ice cream, oh no. Why would be do that? Instead I decided that I needed to take a big shit. Once my big turd came out of my ass hole, we went ahead and popped it in the freezer. Once my shit turd was frozen we stuck that ice cold rock solid chocolate turd ice cream back in my ass hole. And when everyone saw that I shoved it back into where it came from, you can only imagine their faces. I made some cocks swell up. The men took turns shoving their dicks inside of me pushing that shit bar into my ass deeper. They fucked me and pushed that turd further and further up me with every thrust. What wouldn’t you do for my Kentucky Klondike bar?!

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