open to full capacity

big dick sucker

Oh man, how I miss the gym. I suppose having gym sessions at home is fun, and yes, I can invite my past fun friends over, but this quarantine has really put a damper on being the big dick sucker I am to the core. I would go to the gym to sneak into the men’s locker room and take various cocks in my mouth and every hole. It was such a hot thing to do. I loved having all kinds of dicks ram me in all my holes. I wasn’t just a cock sucker; I was also cream in the ass type girl, a creampie in any hole type of girl, actually. I am the happiest when I am being used like a little fuck toy. I don’t think I am not being fucked for a second during this quarantine; it’s just not with as many guys as I am accustomed to. I like dozens of dicks in my face, but a few here and there are doing the job just fine. I just can’t wait till the world opens back up, along with my holes. It will be open to full capacity.

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