No Rent? No Problem

trailer trash whoreEven after all those shifts at the diner, I knew I wasn’t going to make my rent. When I approached Mr. Peter’s with my proposition, I damn near thought his sexy jaw might truly hit the floor. Instead, his eyes glazed over as he grabbed me by the throat. He slammed me against his office wall. My eyes were crying, but my pussy was screaming for more.

He roughly shoved two fingers in my mouth. I sucked and licked like they were his cock. I didn’t have to wait long. He forced me to my knees, undid his zipper, and pulled out his fat cock. I tried to lean forward to pull his length into my mouth, but he grabbed me by the hair, and held me still.

A small baggie appeared. My mouth began to water. I know coke when I see it. I’m a fucking coke whore deep down in my bones. I needed a bump. Lucky for me, Mr. Peters laid out a line along his length. “Here’s your treat, you fucking trash.” He yanked my head towards him, and I did the line off of his cock.

Nothing else mattered as he filled my mouth; the sharp taste of the powder combined with the heady musk of his cock was too much for me. My sweet pussy was dripping, begging.

He fucked me for hours. I was shocked an older man could go for so long
Most of my trucker clients were one stroke and done. Yet he wanted more and more and more.

“You’re worthless.” He hissed in my ear as he shot his fat load in my hot cunt. I am worthless, just a junkie whore who would blow anyone for a bump. A simple slut who fucks her landlord when she can’t pay her rent.

Mr. Peters ended up selling the building. Know any rooms for rent? I promise I can pay…somehow.

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