Nice Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

Before I had cut my teeth in the adult industry, I was on my way to the City of Lost Angels. I was going to make it big… once I got there. I was hitch-hiking my way across country to Los Angeles. Looking back at it, I don’t know how I made it all the way without anything happening. A cute piece of ass like me alone on the road? Crazy. I had found myself stuck in Reno-Shithole-Nevada. It was winter time, so even though it was in the desert, it was still cold.

Lot lizard sex

I found my way to a gas station, bought a bottle of whatever the cheap but potent bargain beer was to try to keep warm and sat on the side of the building. I watched a few people come and go and then this one guy hesitated when he went to get back in to his broke-ass Dodge Neon.

He shyly walked over, holding his Monster and Funyuns, and said “excuse me Miss? Are you okay?” I smiled at him slightly and said “fine, thanks” and took a swig off my 40. “if you are stranded for the night… you are more than welcome to crash on my couch. It’s cold out here.” Was this guy being genuinely nice or was he just looking to get his dick wet? Either way he was right, it was fucking cold. I took him up on his offer. We went back to his one bedroom apartment with Call of Duty posters on the wall. He told me there was beer in the fridge and weed on the coffee table if I wanted any.

Cum dumpster

I haven’t met hardly any genuinely nice people, but this guy was one of them. We got a little bit cross-faded, and after I noticed he was nice and relaxed, I decided to repay his kindness with a little kindness of my own. I slid my jeans off and peeled off my shirt and bra, leaving me in nothing but a black lace G-string. I kneeled in front of him giving him an excellent look at my perfectly shaped ass. I pulled his cock out and sucked it until he exploded all over my face. It just goes to show you, nice guys don’t always finish last.

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