My new friend

gangbang whore

Ever since I left the trailer park, I’ve had this need to please every man that shows any interest in me. I enjoy being used, abused, treated like shit. I want to be a cum dumpster for you, for anyone who feels the need. It drives me, almost as much as getting high. So, today when I went to my dealers house, there was a new guy there who took an immediate interest in me. As soon as I saw him, all I could think about was getting high and fucking him. My pussy was wet with anticipation. I excused myself to the bathroom and he followed me. I pulled him in and shut the door. He picked me up and placed me on the sink, kissing me deeply as he did so. He hiked up my skirt and began to finger fuck me while we made out. God, I’d never been so wet and ready to fuck in my life! When he finally stuck his cock in, I squirted girlie cum all over his cock and he went crazy, fucking me so hard I can’t walk right today.

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