My Hot Stripper at the Club

hot stripper sex

You know I love being a lot lizard whore, but sometimes I go down to the club for some hot stripper sex. Men everywhere love me, so who am I to deny perverts what they want? They pay big bucks to see me work that pole and then go back to the VIP room for some one-on-one time with me. The people at the club have stopped trying to get me to not have sex with guys back there, but I make them too much money for them to follow through. Well, that and I’ve started fucking the owner at the beginning and end of every night I’m there.

Bending over and twerking in some guy’s face while he slips hundreds in my g-string makes my pussy really freaking wet. I think they like me because I’m easy and I know my freaking way around a dick. You don’t fuck multiple men per day for years without getting really good at working a cock over. I would love to tell you everything about my strip club adventures or anything else you’d love to hear about. Just give me a call and let me work you over the way I work that pole.

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