My Daughters are Sexy Prostitutes

sexy prostitutesI have a family of sexy prostitutes. It is official now. Thanks to my wonderful husband, we are all moved into the Brookline community. We have not been here long, but my daughter Melissa has already had her first gang bang at the Pink Pussy strip club. Everyone in the community is talking about my Sweet Melissa, the lesbian whore. My husband and I thought it would be good press to show off our little cunt to the new community while everyone was talking about her. He gang bang introduction went viral and was streamed by everyone in the community much to Melissa’s dismay. She is an obstinate one. While my husband had to go to the school to talk about our girls, I decided to parade Melissa around town like the piece of meat she is. I took her to the local stores. I needed to buy her whore clothes. We want her in a shirt that says on the front “I’m a Lesbo Whore for Rent.” And on the bank, “Ask Me About My Rates.” With a choker necklace that says, “Jailbait.”  Melissa does not like attention. She was upset that her gang bang at the Pink Pussy was streamed and seen by so many. We encountered some fans at the grocery store. I will never miss a chance to pimp out my sweet whore. I let her fans take her into the store and molest her in the produce aisle. She was not happy, but she rarely is happy. The women started molesting her with fingers and produce. She got fucked with a big fat zucchini. I collected some money and people could pay to watch and the women could pay to molest my little whore. Melissa acted like she hated the attention, but she was cumming hard as those women molested her in the local produce section. I got praised for being such a good pimp. Melissa got praised for being such a good whore. I am really going to love living in this open community with my gangbang whore baby girl.

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