Piss and Cum~Toilet sex


toilet sex Toilet sex is so fucking hot. I love to have  my ass filled to the brim with hot piss juice and squirt it out all over my man or another whores face. Sometimes they all piss in a bucket between fucking my ass and take a huge gallon sized syringe and stick it right up my shitter so I can have a big shooting distance. Men take bets on my ass literally! But piss and cum aren’t the only things I get up in there! Sometimes it is warmed milk, or beer! Speaking of, I like to request a big spicy plate of nachos and beer if I’m going to do any scat play.

My men love a nice juicy gush out of my poop shoot! I always make sure to give myself a cocaine suppository before any piss, cum or shit play. I know that another gangbang whore is going to eat it all up so we don’t waste any drugs at all. It’s a fine night when we are nothing but toilet slaves as we get fucked by any man who needs a filthy skank!

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