Momma Whores Out Her Little Angels For Coke

Sexy ProstitutesI’m a Momma to eight, two from each of my four marriages. Four of my sweet sugar plums are old enough to make their own way. It’s Friday night, so I whored it up, and sluttied up my little sweeties. The three girls each put on some of Momma’s fishnets, one of my shortest spandex skirts, and crop tops to just barely cover their budding little tits. My boy I put in some skin tight blacks.
We strode downtown, down the Boulevard, seeking some clientele. A big van rolled up to us, and six big black dudes got out, shoving us in the back. My little honeys began to cry, but I merely smirked, and showed them my fat tits.
I had blow in my nose before I knew we were going, and a fat, juicy cock in my mouth before I could complain. All around me, I heard the sounds of my brats getting plowed, and pleasuring these chiseled chocolate men.
Momma needed her drug money, and we all worked hard to earn it. My girls each took a load in their pussies, my boy took two in his ass, and sweet Momma got her cunt filled with hot, sticky baby batter.
The van dropped us off. My sweethearts were all in tears, but my spirits were great. The cum dripped down out legs as we walked the road, seeking out next fuck session. They begged to go home, but I don’t give a fuck. Momma needs her fix.

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