Mom taught me

Hooker phone sex

I am a known hooker I can’t help it. Ever since I was a young one I was into fucking and getting money.  Now I’m grown and my pimp sees my worth and how I can almost talk my way to getting away with any and everything.  My mom was my first pimp.  I didn’t recognize it at first but now looking back.  She most definitely was my pimp.  She would have parties at the house to help pay the bills.  So if I guy started looking at me she would offer me up.  She would always tell me if you want something you have to lay down and get it.  The first time I turned trick I wasn’t even in High school.  I made like two hundred dollars but my mom said bills first and whatever is left was mine.  I thought I was making money because I was banging out at least a thousand a week and that was a slow week.  These old ass men loved my tight little body.  The things my mom taught me kept them coming back for more.   She said all men love young tight pussy so always keep it clean and tight.  Making a man feel like he the only one fucking your money box will keep them paying for it.  I could squeeze my pussy so tight them old men would start shaking like they was having a seizure.  One man even cried at how good my pussy was.  My mom was a great teacher of what I could do with my pussy.  Even taught me if you can’t squirt piss on them they don’t know the difference.  Everything I learned about the game came from her.

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