Bestie Visit Turns to a Bestie Lick Fest

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My best friend and I rarely see one another, busy lives and distance ya know. Recently we planned get together; boyfriends off doing their own thing together while we do girl talk.
We used to play around a lot when she lived next door and it seems like that flame never died. As soon as we sat down and started to gab we were unable to keep our hands off each other’s pussies. She was already pretty wet and her pussy felt warm on my hand. I lightly circled her clit with my finger, I made her lay back and spread wide so I could see the cum starting to drop from her. I finger fucked her so hard she gushed all over my hand. When she was recovered she quickly sat up and made it my turn. She ordered me to lay back, her fingers were inside me and her tongue on my clit lightly flicking. She was driving me crazy. She fingered my twat pretty hard and I came so hard. As we laid there recovering, we laughed and talked and then looked up and both of our boyfriends were standing there smiling. They knew what was up, and that there was a fun evening ahead.

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