Merry Cum Filled Christmas!

Gangbang WhoreThis has been the best Christmas ever!

There were big fat cocks as far as I could see!

My boss threw us girls the most amazing party last night and instead of us grinding our asses in men’s laps and feeling those hard cocks rise, they were stroking for us!

There were at least six men with their cocks hanging out all thick and hard and we didn’t even have to work for it!

They were so eager to stuff that meat in any fuck hole we would offer!

Well word must have gotten out that I am a big dick sucker!

I love a nice meaty cock filling my mouth and sliding down my throat!

So when the first guy came up to me and put that meat on my lips, how could I not just grab right a hold and start licking that dripping head!

But I must have been very good this year because his friend was nice enough to slide his big dark snake into my tight ass while I was getting fucked in the face!

My ass was so tight that he was only two strokes in before I drained every drop of cum from his ball sack!

But the best was when they all lined up, and one by one, pumped and dumped their warm creamy load in my tight bald cunt!

I was the happiest little creampie pie slut in the joint, dripping from mouth to ass and tits to cunt!

Merry Cum filled Christmas to me!



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