Christmas Came For Filthy PMommy Amara

Cum Dumpster

Oh Christmas sure as fuck came. Christmas is my youngest daughter, and I spent her very special day teaching her sweet pussy how it could very well be tormented with pleasure. I edged my young daughter for twenty four entire hours, and she learned very quickly why she should never play with her innocent little pussy without Mommy Amara’s permission. I caught her rubbing her little honey bun while she was supposed to be getting dressed. She cried when I caught her with her fingers dancing in the sugar sweet wet mess between her young little legs. She knew exactly what Mommy was going to do.

Mommy edged her long and hard. I used the magic Hitatchi wand on her innocent pussy, and listened to her beg and scream to please let her cum. She swore to never play in her pussy without my permission. I ignored her. After this lesson, my sweet angel was never again going to forget why Mommy had rules in place. Her sweet cunt was pouring, begging for fucking relief before we were even very far into her torment. When I finally did let her cum, she squirted for three minutes straight and promptly passed out. I promise she’ll never touch without asking again.

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