Marines do it best…

Dirty Phone Sex (2)

I’d like to take this time to recognize the brave men who fight for our country and I’d like to thank them for that special treat I was given this weekend. This was far from dirty phone sex; I was their gangbang whore cum dumpster. They used me up just how I like it and I sure didn’t complain. I was eager for their cum, taking turns sucking their cocks. Sucking them nice and hard, rolling my tongue off each of their  cocks like they were yummy lollipops. Yummy lollipops with a nice white treat at the end! Those are my favorite, the ones with the creamy ending to it. I did get distracted with the thought of all those cocks full of cum for me. It was the best being showered and rained in all their cum, it made my cunt dripping wet and my tummy was getting nice and full… but never full enough. I could always use more cum!

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