Whips and Chains

phone sex line evonneI got up to answer the knock on the door. I didn’t even have the door opened all the way, when he pushed it open the rest of the way and shoved me backwards. I felt a mixture of anger and arousal as I felt the juices start to flow between my legs as my ass hit the floor and he threw a leather corset at me hissing at me to put it on. I hadn’t finished fastening it when he threw a collar at me as he was pulling whips and chains out of the matching leather bag that he had thrown on the chair. My head screamed “say no” but my body and pussy were screaming “fuck me, take me”. My body won as I felt myself being shoved down the hall to the bedroom where the sexual assault would last for hours bordering on abuse and yet making us both cum over and over again with a dark and unbridled passion that comes from taboo sex.live phone sex twitter

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