Lot Lizard Slutty Cum Dumpster

Lot Lizard Sex CarrieOne of my favorite past times is to ride my motorcycle over to the local truck stop and be a slutty ass lot lizard for all the sexy dirty truckers that stop to rest! Fuck it makes me so horny! I love wearing my skimpiest little outfits and pulling up on my motorcycle with my ass, pussy and tits hanging out for everyone to see, it drives the truckers wild and they all want to play with me! Sometimes i’ll just sit on my bike and wait to be approached, which doesn’t take long at all given how fucking sexy and slutty I look! Other times I like to walk through the trucks until I get summoned by the horny naughty driver. Drives me wild! I love seeing how many guys I can fuck and how much cum I can guzzle in one visit, i’m a true cum dumpster whore! I fucked this super hott and burly man the other day, oh fuck he made me squirt cum all over the interior of his semi-truck, it was so fucking fun! I sucked his filthy cock so good and spit all over it to make it super fucking wet, he was moaning and squirming like a little bitch because it felt so good! He grabbed me by my waist and sat me on top of his dirty cock while he shoved it deep into my tight little cunt. I could smell his body odor and it was so bad that it was making me gag but I fucking loved it! The nastier the better! He was fucking me so hard that my juicy ass kept hitting the horn button on the dashboard, alerting everyone how good our sex was! My pussy was so fucking wet, he was slipping and sliding in and out of me like crazy! I squirted cum everywhere and he licked it all up! So fucking sexy! I love being a dirty hooker for hire!

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