Lot Lizard Sex

Lot Lizzard SexI have been feeling EXTRA nasty lately. It seems no matter how many cocks I get I want more! I decided what I needed was a trip! I put on my red leather and 5 inch fuck me pumps. I went down to the truck stop. I picked the biggest guy I could find. And asked for a ride! Of course I had to PAY first. That meant spreading my legs and letting him fuck my ass. Then we were on our way! The next stop I jumped out and found another ride. I had to suck his cock then he fucked me while he was still in the driving seat! And when his riding buddy woke up I fucked him too! Load after load! I took almost 24 hours. And as many cum loads before I ended up right back at the same gas station! It was a VERY nice trip! Although I couldn’t tell you where we actually went. But that is the life of a lot lizzard.

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