Cum Dumpster Clean Up!

Cum DumpsterI was just cumming back from lunch on Friday. I had a Cunt FULL of cum! I was hoping I had time to put on some underwear before our big meeting. But I didn’t have time! So I sat through the entire meeting puddling cum! And when I stood up… It ran all the way down to my shoes. I knew I had to clean up before I went down to the help desk. I bumped into Brian the cute new guy, as I was heading out of the office. I REALLY wanted to stop and talk him into a quick fuck. BUT … No time for that now. Of course the Ladies bathroom were being cleaned. So I just popped into the men’s room to clean up right fast!. I threw my leg on the counter and started trying to wipe all the cum up. And that is when Brian came rushing in. The look on his face! Seeing me like that! Ass hanging out. Pussy in full view. I just smiled at the hard cock trying to wiggle out of his pants! I asked him if he needed the bathroom. And Brian said NO. He just sat in something. I almost died laughing when I noticed the spot on his pants. He had sat in my chair! I got a wicked smile on my face and asked If I could get some help. And Brian rushed right over to clean the cum out of my cunt with his mouth! I think I am going to have to have a standing order for a cunt cleaning every day! He is really good at it!

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