Freaky Friday

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She loves my hot, wet Latin pussy as much as I do. She knows exactly what she is supposed to do. She sits back and watches while I finger fuck that tight hole of mine making the juices flow like a fucking river. She knows to wait until I am soaking wet and give her the green light to come to me. She eagerly sucks my pussy lips into her mouth, working her way to my huge clit sucking it into her mouth like a man’s cock. Grinding my pussy into her face I look down and see that it is covered in my thick juices. I grab her by her head and pull her mouth to mine sucking her lips and tasting the sweetness of my cum before shoving her face back down between my legs for her to tongue fuck my cunt. Just when I am on the edge of squirting another load in her mouth I pull her off again and buckle the nine inch strap on around her waist before lifting my legs up and placing my feet on her shoulders. She knows to shove it deep in my waiting ass while pinching my clit and fingering my cunt to make me explode one last time.

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