Training Day

hookers for hire evonne

There is no better way to spend a Sunday then training new sluts to do my bidding. Spending the entire day with sweet pink cunts all over me. I teach them to please me in every way, their pleasure is irrelevant for what they will do for me and that is make me lots of money with those hot bodies of theirs. Training and molding them is a process that begins with the art of seduction, their seduction. An art I have perfected over the years. Molding them into my personal fuck toys so that they do anything and everything that I say is the best part of my well laid plans. I have two new blonde beauties that I am training today and they have no clue that they are now mine. The hidden camera is rolling, like it always is and I am getting every bit of the action on film. So far their eagerness to please this dripping wet cunt is beyond what I had expected. Little do they know that tomorrow night I am sending them to the lodge to bring back an older man that is loaded and has a taste for sweet young pussy. Soon he will be mine to blackmail and manipulate as well and they will be earning their keep for time with me.

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