Lot Lizard sex

lot lizard sex

Lot lizard sex is my lot in life. You see my parents were both truck drivers and I grew up in the truck stops. As I grew older I knew that I didn’t want to drive a truck myself but still wanted the lifestyle. At the ripe age of 18 I became a lot lizard.  I would get so excited to see the trucks all lined up, big, burly men and women coming out and going into the shop to shower. I would wait until they were coming back out and ask if they wanted some company for a while. Most were very excited and would ask how much I wanted. I would answer $20.00 and a can of beer- pretty reasonable if you asked me. I spent many hours in the back of a truck fucking and sucking. Sometimes I would have guys who were so satisfied that they would call their friends on the cbs and I would be in and out of truck all night long. I enjoyed the women drivers the most as they really knew what a woman needs. I had some of the drivers who would ask for my number and they would then call the next time that they were rolling through. I never had a night go by that my pussy wasn’t oozing cum as I walked home.


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