I changed his mind

live phone sexThe guy that lives below me is kind of a pain in the ass, he is always complaining about the noise even if it’s during the day. I swear I could be sitting on my couch doing nothing at all and he would still complain! It’s annoying as fuck and something had to change. I decided that I was gonna fluster him as much as possible so I stripped down to just a thong and put on some music. When he came up to complain about the noise I made sure to answer the door wearing nothing but my teeny tiny lil thong and a smile. He turned crimson red and stuttered and stammered and had no idea what to say so I just took him by the hand and led him inside. I got on my knees and sucked his soul out his dick. He came so hard that he nearly passed out and after that he said that the music wasn’t too loud after all.

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