Lapdance Special

Fisting WhoreIt’s a wild ride being a white trailer trash cumdump like me, sometimes all I can do to make myself happy is take a strangers cock into one of my holes. When I am strapped for cash to get food, liquor or drugs I have a gig at a local dive bar as a stripper. I work the pole every chance I get because I get paid and laid! One time a flashy biker came in and chose me as his favorite girl to give him a lap dance. I got him so hard he paid the owner extra to take me in the back room and use me like a good little cum slut. His cock stretched my ass and fucked my throat until I swallowed his load. He was so Impressed he invited his whole gang down to the bar to fuck me, they fucked all my holes until I was covered in cum. I definitely went home with all my holes sore and leaking with my purse full of cash!

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