Cum Glazed Like a Donut

Phone Sex Line

I was walking home from the truck stop, cum pouring in a river down my thighs. It was a beautiful morning, and the sun was starting to rise as a car pulled over and a lone man leaned over to talk to me. “Hey beautiful! You look like a glazed donut!” He laughed at me, flashing a couple hundreds. “Want a ride home, and some cream filling?” He called. I was in his car faster than I could blink, and he sped off down the road towards my home. “You like big cock baby?” He asked me, so I reached over to find out if he had something thick and throbbing for me.
Sure as fuck, I could feel you pulsing against my hand under your jeans. I rushed you through the house and into my room where you started stroking your cock in front of my face. “Face down, ass up little girl. Daddy’s going to give you some cream filling.”

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