Ladyboy Hookers for Hire

hookers for hire

I am not your average hooker for hire. I have a nice panty surprise duck tapped between my legs for you. Sometimes I can try to hide my cock when all I need is a good anal fuck. It depends on how much dope we share throughout the night. But I am always caught even if my reputation doesn’t proceed me. My cock gets so hard I bust right out if that tape and I have to jack my ladyboy clit as I get fucked. Most often when we snort lines or roll a bowl I end up fucking your ass hard and deep. You know I love to lick and slurping my own cum right out of your ass hole. I am a fucking paid whore and I will let you do just about anything to me. I mean you smoke my tight ass hole out and I just might give it to you and your friends for free. don’t worry my shemale lover. I’ll make it up giving $20 blow jobs later. 

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