No Taboo

No taboo phone sex

No taboo phone sex is my speciality. I have so many sex stories I almost loose count. I do have one adventure that I keep close to my heart. I have a thing for young little cunnys. One night I had to babysit my little cousin. She is so sweet and innocent. She has the prettiest brown eyes. Smoothest little soft skin. Prettiest tight caramel colored cunny you have ever saw. She tasted just like a caramel apple. I went into her room while she was asleep. I stuck one finger into her extra extra tight little hole and I was instantly turned on. She looked as if she tasted good and so I licked her little pussy. At first she resisted and did not quite understand what was going on. After a while her body started to react just the way I needed it to. She started grinding her little juice box onto my tongue. The next thing I knew she squirted all over my face. I was more than happy to take my hand and lick up all of her sweetness. Mmmmhmmmm did it taste good. My new nickname for her is caramel apple. She knows why.  It’s our little secret. I will always me more than happy to eat my caramel apple.

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