Fabulous Firsts

dirty phone sexI have been so horny lately. All I have been able to think about lately is my first time with a woman. She was so delicious, I cum every time I touch myself to the thoughts.
Her body quivered as I brushed my hand along her curves. Her bare skin had goosebumps all over it. I gently kissed each of her breasts then sucked hard on her nipples to get them nice and hard.
Her breath was shaky and laced with ecstasy as I stuck my tongue into her warm, wet pussy. She tasted sweet, like she was literally dipped in sugar. I couldn’t get enough.
I shoved my tongue in further, flicking his g spot. She moaned in pleasure and gripped the sheets tightly. Her toes curled as I ate her out.
Her cum was so delicious, it tasted like pure honey. I brought my face back up then wiped my mouth, I was still hungry. So, I decided to bring out my double-sided strap-on.
I inserted my side into me, the thrust it into her pussy hard. I didn’t want to be gentle. I wanted her to scream my name.
I could tell she was about to burst, so was I. The 11 inches felt so good. I took it all like a champ, and so did she. Our pussies drooled in pleasure as our bodies meshed into each other.
I thrusted hard on last time then both of us screamed in bliss. Cum leaked down my side of the strap=on and into her pussy. She was filled with my cum. I felt so powerful and accomplished. I couldn’t wait to fuck her again.

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