Just a Big Dick Sucker with a Dick

Big Dick Sucker

Just a  big dick sucker with a big dick. Well big enough to fuck your tight virgin ass. My boy Toy, Scott was at the drag show and he happened to be drinking and bragging about my dick sucking skills to what he assumed was another woman. But no, it was a dancer with a package. And she came right up to me and asked if I could suck her boyfriend off with her so she could see who had the better dick sucking skills. Well, My boy toy was highly upset, and I said that we would both blow both and then get them hard again and switch cocks. I then proceed to suck her man’s cock until his eyeballs sunk in his head and he splattered my tits and face while jacking my cock with my skirt pulled up. MY tranny friend was impressed at how fast I got the cum load and I grabbed my boy tot took a big hit of speed and fucked his pretty boy ass and gave him my load. Scott still hadn’t erupted so I gave up and pulled his cock away from her and sucked one, two, three times and my boy blew up down my throat. Never underestimate a tranny whore!

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