I’m A Stripper

Stripper sex pornI love dancing for money. I feel so powerful being on that stage having all eyes on me. Knowing that every man watching me wants me blows my mind every time. I like picking a lucky customer to take to the champagne room. Once we’re alone I can really let my freaky side out. I love sucking dick as much as I love to dance. If I suck your cock I know you’re mine forever. I do things in the champagne room I know your wife or girlfriend won’t do. Sometimes if I really like you I’ll blow your mind for free. I have so many dirty tales, I’ve been a real naughty girl. Believe me I’m not the type of girl you bring home to your mother. Call me, let me turn you on. Believe me you won’t regret it. Let me make your wildest fantasies come true. You’ll love my dirty mind, I have a very vivid imagination.

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